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About KookyBooks

Making something from nothing is such an appealing idea to me; a pile of paper and some thread can be crafted into a beautiful and useful book with nothing but a few simple tools and my own two hands.  And I love dreaming of the things people are going to write or draw in the pages that were once just bits of paper.

My favourite element of bookbinding is the spines. Traditionally, the intricate stitches holding pages together are tucked away under cloth or leather, hidden from sight. I leave the spines of my books exposed so the beautiful stitches are on show to be enjoyed and appreciated. The ribbons, used to strengthen the spine, are not plain and hidden but colourful and proudly featured. Each book has a unique set of ribbons, with a unique set of stitches. A lot of time and love goes into the design of each spine.

They are one of a kind, just like you.

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